True Life: I’m Allergic to Braiding Hair

Summertime is here! In previous years I’ve used summer as a wash-n-go season. This year I decided I was going to beat the heat and I wanted a low manipulation style. I went with the crochet faux locs.  I installed them myself and it was fairly easy. 

Not even a day later, my scalp began to burn. I then noticed my scalp was red. I tried to calm the burn with coconut oil but it did not help.  I then noticed little red and white bumps around the perimeter of my hair. I then started to take them out! (Have to protect the edges at all cost!) I researched what might have happened and I found others have had similar experiences. 

Graphic Images Below!

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My allergic reaction can be attributed to an alkaline coating on the hair. To make the hair heat resistant a coating of Alkaline Lye is sprayed on the hair. The alkaline also helps to make the product more sanitary and aids in preventing mold and other growths. Unfortunately, many people’s scalps become easily irritated by this coating which is why even on the first day of getting your braids you may find it to be quite itchy.

Here’s how you can prevent this from happening to you!

Before putting in hair:

  1. Remove the synthetic braiding hair from the pack. (Make sure you leave the rubber band on that keeps the hair bundled together.)

  2. Fill your sink with one part ACV and three parts hot water. Make sure you fill the sink with enough hot water to cover all of the synthetic braiding hair you have.

  3. Add the synthetic braiding hair to the water and let it soak for about 15 minutes. (After a while, you will see white residue rising from the hair. It’s pretty gross.)

  4. Thoroughly rinse the synthetic braiding hair with cool water, and then let the hair air dry.

After Putting in the hair:

  1. Fill spray bottle with ACV.

  2. Spray hair with ACV.

  3. Rinse and follow with a shampoo to reduce the smell.

  4. Apply a wrapping mousse and tie with scarf.

If you don’t have these problems then consider yourself lucky! Ever experienced this? Let me know in the comments below!!

3 thoughts on “True Life: I’m Allergic to Braiding Hair

  1. Oh wow see I thought it was due to my eczema especially since it only bothers one area of my scalp. I use Sulfur 8 to make to uncomfortable situation go away. But now I know this for next time!


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