Makeup Starter Kit

Don’t know where to start with makeup? No worries, I got you! Here’s everything you’ll need! You can find all these products at your local Target, Walmart, or Ulta!

Makeup Starter Kit.jpgMakeup Starter Kit.jpg
  1. Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me! This is my favorite drugstore brand. They have both dewy and matte formulas to cater to every skin type.

  2. Concealer: LA Girl Pro has the cheaper concealer known to date! These tubes will run you around $3-$4! I have about 5. I conceal and contour with these!

  3. Brows: NYX Tame&Frame is the closest you’ll get to Anastasia Brow Pomade. They also have pencils!

  4. Bronzer: Milani Baked Bronzers are my favorite products to use for the glow! I use this as a bronzer, highlight, and eyeshadow!!

  5. Mascara: Any brand will do! I prefer Maybelline products!

  6. Eyeliner: An eyeliner can elevate your entire look! I like this felt pen because it allows for easy application for beginners.

  7. Lips: NYX offers a large selection of lipsticks and glosses. My personal favorite is the butter gloss in Madeline!

  8. Finishing Spray: You can finish the whole look with ELF Finishing Spray. This product is a steal at under $10!!!

This should get you started on your makeup journey!! Check out my YouTube Channel for tips and tricks!

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