3 Beauty Tasks to Tackle Before the Heat!

Warmer weather is on the horizon. There are a couple of things you might want to check off your “to-do” list before you shake the winter blues.

Book that facial!

There are certain treatments that estheticians only perform in cooler weather. These are generally chemical peels. I am on a mission to have a makeup-free summer. So, I am fighting these dark marks and acne with chemical peels. Estheticians advise winter months for treatment as you may become more sensitive to the sun. Please do not try to do a chemical peel at home. It is literally a controlled burning of the skin. So, you could cause yourself some serious damage.

Time to get rid of some inches!

I’m talking about your hair, of course! Winter air can be harsh on our ends. Visit your favorite cosmetologist to get rid of those dead ends. I also like to spice it up with some fresh color. It’s usually a shade of blonde but we may go ginger this year! Always remember when we let go we create space for something bigger. In this case it’s bigger hair!


Shed that winter fur!

I know you let that leg hair grow out. Waxing kills two birds with one stone. It removes hair as well as exfoliates. So essentially you’ll have hairless and glowing skin. Go ahead and book a full body wax!

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